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Positive Developments

NY State

Soon after our last update, Governor Cuomo announced that NY would deploy an app that allows New Yorkers to easily show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test. We expect many other states to follow suit. Based on discussions over the past few weeks, it appears that NY will both deploy its own app and support other platforms. Accordingly, we are ramping up our marketing effort in NY in parallel to our ongoing discussions with the Governor’s office. The link will be going to 55,000+ locations around the State of NY starting this week. Very exciting and we would sincerely appreciate it if you would share the link far and wide.

National Vaccine Partnership

Later this month, we will be publicly announcing the vaccine partnership that was mentioned in the January update (pasted below for easy access). The partnership will allow Americans from various states to easily access their vaccine records and turn them into Bindle entry passes.

National Office Space Partnership

Last Friday, a company with 50,000+ customers in the US informed us that they would like to announce a distribution partnership with Bindle by the end of February. The intent of the partnership is to allow workers at those offices to use Bindle to easily prove their COVID-19 health status as offices begin to reopen around the country.

Vaccines and “Open” Use Cases

The increasing availability of vaccines in the US has fundamentally changed our posture as a company, from focusing almost exclusively on “closed” use cases (back to work, back to school, etc) to now also supporting “open” use cases (restaurants, gyms, theaters, retail, etc.).

Impact of the Variants

It appears that the three most common variants (UK, South Africa, Brazil) will mitigate the effectiveness of some of the vaccines, which could unfortunately delay herd immunity. The variants may also make it more likely that COVID-19 will be similar to the flu, requiring periodic vaccinations. It’s too early to tell exactly what impact this will have on our operational planning, but we do believe it confirms – regrettably – one of our founding hypotheses: that COVID-19 is likely to become endemic.

Launch Video – Reopening Our Communities

The launch video can be found here. You’ll notice that we are laser-focused on reopening our local communities vs, for example, international travel. We have contracts signed in the travel vertical, and our travel pipeline is growing, but our primary focus has been, and will continue to be, our communities and neighborhoods.


We are oversubscribed for the SAFE so have expanded it to $1.5M. If you have not already submitted your allocation request, please send it to Gus and Stew by EOD Wednesday 02/10.


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