Dear Friends of Bindle Systems:

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe.

Just a short update this month, bulleted below.

Thanks as always for your support!

Team Bindle

Positive Developments

  • “Multi-cert” (vaccine records and test results) and “recover my wallet” both approved by the app stores.
  • “Try it for yourself” goes live in two weeks – self-guided tour for new users.
  • New branding is live across the app, and
  • Market positioning remains squarely on reopening our local communities. Your Hometown HealthPass. Sample storefront stickers here.
  • Successfully pivoted our lobbying efforts from the Federal level to the State level, starting with NY.
  • In NY, we have locked in statewide access to low cost PCR tests ($20-$40) for restaurants, weddings, and other catered events
    • is being distributed to 50,000+ venues around NY and 15,000+ brides planning weddings in NY
    • Ongoing discussions to expand to other NY events and venues, including: professional sports, live music, Broadway, museums, gyms, etc.
  • Well on our way to hitting our contract goal for the quarter (6 of 7 already signed).
  • Pricing adjustments for “closed use” cases to drive client-side adoption – now $0.20 per test – targeting $100K per month by June.
  • Passed our first HIPAA audit
  • Proudly supporting the Good Health Pass Collaborative
  • Partnership with building/office access control software company moving forward – national footprint
  • Partnership with large online event management platform progressing – national footprint

New Team Additions

Erica Frenkel, Equity and Access

Rosa Stotesbury, Product

Margarita Ramos, Advisor

Jennifer Swanson Prince, Advisor


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