Bindle Proof of Health Integration w/ Envoy

Bindle turns health information into entry passes to reopen your office to employees and visitors with confidence without taking custody of their health data.

Works with:

    • Visitor Kiosk app
    • Envoy Mobile

How does this integration work?

Your employees and visitors will use the Bindle mobile app which has their health data to privately and securely create an entry pass for your location.

During the employee registration or visitor check-in process, Envoy will confirm with Bindle to see if the user has created an entry pass that complies with your health screening entry policy.

Only employees and visitors that comply with your health screening entry policy in Bindle will be allowed to register or sign in.

The results of the entry pass verification (pass/fail) will be displayed within the Envoy dashboard alongside the visitor’s record. If a user fails you can see two different messages:

    1. “A Bindle account does not exist for this email address. Additional Approval required before entering this location.” (which means they have not created a Bindle wallet with that email address) 
    2. “There is not a valid Bindle entry pass for this location in your Bindle wallet. Additional Approval required before entering this location.” (which means they do not have a valid entry pass).

Any user that fails will be placed in a review status where your admins will be able to manually deny or approve entry. This way, if someone is presenting health certification outside of the Bindle app you’ll still be able to allow them in.


Enabling the Envoy + Bindle integration

1. Go to Integrations > All integrations.

2. Under Health and Safety, find Bindle Proof of Health.

3. If you have not set up a Bindle verifier account, please sign up here or email to establish a verifier account.

4. If you have your verifier account information, enter your Bindle account Verifier DID and Policy ID credentials, and click save configuration.

Using the Envoy + Bindle Proof of Health integration

1. Sign up for Bindle and input your Verifier DID and Policy ID from the Bindle team.

2. Inform your employees (making sure they create their Bindle account with the same email they are registered in Envoy with) and update your default visitor invite email to include information about Bindle. We recommend something like the below (which includes a sample policy) in your Settings / Email Templates. Make sure all visitors are sent this email when your employees register their visitors.

We’re looking forward to hosting you at Company ABC. In order to keep everyone safe you must meet our health policy which requires you to provide one of the following in order to create a health pass: Proof of Full vaccination OR [Proof of a negative test result for COVID-19 (Molecular/PCR or Antigen) on a sample collected within 72 hours of entering]. “Full vaccination” means that either 14 days have passed since receiving the second dose of FDA or WHO authorized double-dose vaccines or that 14 days have passed since receiving the sole dose of FDA or WHO authorized single-dose vaccines. (This is an example policy which can be edited based on your company’s needs).

We’ve partnered with Bindle Systems to help us enforce our health policy without taking custody of your private health data. Please complete the following steps before you arrive or you won’t be able to access our space.

        1. Download the My Bindle App for iOS or Android.  Please ensure that you use the same email address where you receive your Company ABC invitation.
        2. Create your account and add your vaccination information (either by self-attesting or importing it using your Smart Health Card).
        3. Search for “Company ABC” in the My Passes section and then click “Create Entry Pass”. If you meet the policy you’ll be presented an entry pass with a QR code.
        4. When you arrive, you’ll check in at our office and it will automatically check to confirm you have a valid Bindle Entry Pass.

Thanks in advance for helping us keep everyone safe

3a. When it’s time for visitors to check in, have the visitor sign into Envoy at the Kiosk using the same email associated with their Bindle entry pass.

3b. When it’s time for employees to register for the office they can do so using the Envoy app and they’ll be informed if they meet your health policy.

4. If for any reason a user does not pass, you’ll be able to monitor their status in the admin panel and approve or deny their visit. 

Example of a Bindle Entry Pass:

Example of how you can approve / deny a visitor that did not complete their Bindle Entry Pass:

Example of successful message on the kiosk:


Example of a failed message on the kiosk: