December Newsletter: First 200 Days

Dear Friends of Bindle Systems:

Friday marked 200 days since we incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation in June, and we are incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished in just over 6 months.

Latest updates are below.

Here’s to a safer, healthier, and less politically-divisive year ahead – and thanks as always for your support!

Team Bindle


Signed Vaccine MOU

The intent of the partnership is to make it very easy for Americans to “claim” their vaccine record from state immunization registries and convert it into a verifiable digital credential that can be used to enter shared spaces.

Pipeline ACV

Total annual contract value (ACV) in the pipeline is $12.7M, probability weighted/adjusted to just under $3.0M. This does not include the vaccine partnership mentioned above, nor the co-marketing relationship outlined below.

“Multi-Cert” Release Delay

Our latest product release, which enables entry passes to be created using BOTH vaccine certificates and test results, has been delayed by 4 weeks, primarily due to the complexity of the policy engine rules associated with this important new feature. The release was initially meant to ship by mid-December and is now slated to be submitted to the app stores later this week.

Press Launch and App Screens

Once the app stores approve the “Multi-Cert” release, we will formally launch the company. Launch branding and example app screens can be found here, and we are planning to be in the press during the week of January 25th.


Thanks to those of you who have already wired. For those of you who have requested an allocation but have not yet wired, we will circulate Docusigns and wire instructions this week. For anyone else interested, please reach out sooner than later – we would ideally like to get the SAFE wrapped up by the end of the month.

Co-marketing Partnership

We are making good progress on what could be a meaningful co-marketing relationship with the manufacturer of the highest-sensitivity PCR test platform in the country. Still early days, but this could be a very compelling distribution channel for Bindle, for COVID-19 and beyond.

Interoperability: Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) / Covid Credentials Initiative (CCI)

While we have been frustrated by the lack of government interest (to date) in driving a national standard for digital COVID-19 health credentials, we are excited by the work of LFPH and CCI. As of last week, we are proud contributors to this initiative and look forward to helping the organization build on the incredible legacy of Dan Kohn.

The Power of Transparency

As you can hopefully see from these monthly updates, one of our foundational company values is “the power of transparency – internally and externally”. To that end, we are including here a link to the slides from our 2021 Kickoff Meeting, which include our annual and Q1 OKRs.


We thought it would be helpful to include a consolidated list of the various materials we have shared recently:

Launch Branding and Example App Screens – new logo/brand – will be available in the app stores week of 01/25

Latest public deck – beta app branding, but provides a good overview of the company/tech

Thoughts on “competition” in the digital credentials space – we view all of these companies as potential partners, not competitors

Template letter to members of the Biden transition team – will give you a sense for how we are articulating the need for an open standard

What’s after COVID-19? – comes up a lot, so we wrote something up

2021 Internal Kickoff Meeting Slides – Vision, Mission, Values, OKRs

SAFE Documentation