Best Practices

Although every space is different, there are a few best practices to bear in mind when deploying Bindle.

1. Announce health requirements in advance.

Before your event, preferably some weeks in advance, announce your health requirements for entry.
Click here for sample emails. Click here for a sample webpage.
It’s best to send multiple announcements to ensure your attendees are clear with what they need to do to enter.

2. Plan ingress logistics in advance.

To avoid confusion and delays, plan ahead! Separate lines help to speed up ingress. Signs are also helpful. Click here and here for sign templates. If you will require scanning entry passes, make sure your staff have downloaded Bindle and have turned on the “Verify” function.

3. Choose the ingress feature on Bindle that works for you.

Bindle was built to help venues move attendees quickly through the ingress process. If a Bindle holder has met your health requirements, the app generates an entry pass, which can be processed in two different ways:

      • Scanning: Similar to ticket scanning, the QR code on the Bindle entry pass may be scanned by using Bindle on another smartphone. No special hardware is required, just a Bindle-enabled smartphone with the “Verify” function turned on.
      • Visual checking: Similar to an ID check, the Bindle entry pass includes a picture, which can be matched to the face of the person.

Whichever method you choose, prioritize anti-fraud measures and exception handling. In addition to having a Bindle-only line for Bindle entry pass holders, we recommend regular random checks of vaccination documentation in the Bindle app. It should only take a few seconds per random selectee to check and make sure if someone has uploaded actual vaccination documentation.

Checking the vaccine documents for every 1 out of 10 or 1 out of 20 patrons (or whatever ratio you prefer) will still be vastly faster than not using Bindle and having to check the paper health records of all patrons.

Signage outside the venue should also indicate that random checks of certification will occur. The threat of regular random screening similar to airport security or customs should ensure the vast majority of Bindle users comply with uploading their valid vaccination and testing information.